• By Need

  • Mild-to-Moderate Hearing Loss
    Mild-to-Moderate Hearing Loss

    Clarity products in the Mild-to-Moderate category amplify incoming sounds between 20-30 decibels.

  • Moderate Hearing Loss
    Moderate Hearing Loss

    Clarity products in the Moderate Hearing Loss category amplify incoming sounds between 35-45 decibels.

  • Moderate-to-Severe Hearing Loss
    Moderate-to-Severe Hearing Loss

    Clarity products in the Moderate-to-Severe category amplify incoming sounds between 50-60 decibels.

  • Low Vision
    Low Vision

    Communication isn't just about being able to hear clearly. The ability to see clearly can be just as critical, especially if you suffer from vision loss.

  • Low Speech
    Low Speech

    Clarity phones with Outgoing Speech Amplification give you the power to hear as well as to be heard.

  • Limited Mobility
    Limited Mobility

    Products in this category feature buttons that are easy-to-press and operate for those who suffer from disabilities such as arthritis.

  • By Product

  • Amplified Corded Phones
    Amplified Corded Phones

    Corded phones by Clarity are not only loud, but have very large buttons, loud adjustable ringers and designated speed dial buttons for easy dialing among various other helpful features.

  • Amplified Cordless Phones
    Amplified Cordless Phones

    Clarity cordless phones are designed for people who like to move about their home yet still have the amplification and features they need.

  • Mobile Phones and Accessories
    Mobile Phones and Accessories

    Mobile phones by Clarity are not only loud, but feature easy to read screens, large buttons and simple design.

  • Big Button/Low Vision Phones
    Big Button/Low Vision Phones

    Some people suffer from not only hearing loss but also from loss of vision. This category of phones gives people with these conditions their confidence back.

  • Speakerphones

    Products in this category have a built in speakerphone so the user can be hands free and free to move around while on the phone.

  • Personal Listeners
    Personal Listeners

    Clarity's personal listening devices use the latest technology to bring clear, amplified sound straight to you.

  • Amplified Captioned Phones
    Amplified Captioned Phones

  • Telephone Amplifiers
    Telephone Amplifiers

    Small portable devices that plug into the base of the phone and the handset receiver ‘curly cord’. They are a portable and easy to install solution for those who need amplification on their own phones.

  • Telephone Ringers
    Telephone Ringers

    These compact powerful ringers are compatible with any phone, corded or cordless.

  • Alarm Clocks
    Alarm Clocks

    Wake up on time with the Clarity Wake Assure Alarm Clock.

  • Notification Systems
    Notification Systems

    The Clarity AlertMaster™ family is part of our Visual Alert System for the deaf or people with profound hearing loss.

  • TTYs and VCOs
    TTYs and VCOs

    See what people are saying. With built in displays, these types of phones allow the deaf and those with profound hearing loss to communicate with the outside world and view what other people say.

  • Business Office Solutions
    Business Office Solutions

    Amplified communications solutions for home or office.

  • Retail Products
    Retail Products

    Find products that may also be purchased at Clarity retail locations such as Frys® and RadioShack®

  • Batteries

    Handset batteries for your cordless phone.



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Extra Loud Speakerphone



The perfect solution for the millions with mobility challenges, Fortissimo™ offers multiple options for hands-free control, which can be particularly useful for those with Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, spinal cord injury and many other forms of paralysis. With optional accessories users can function at different levels of independence and activate various features such as dialing directly from the phone book, starting or ending a call, or even retrieving messages on the answering machine by the use of a sip and puff*, pillow switch* or by simply using the large one-button pendant*.

In addition, Fortissimo features 85 dBSPL of loud and crystal clear amplification, Bluetooth connectivity as well as an optional pendant with a built-in microphone allowing users to have conversation from anywhere in the room.

*Each sold separately

• Specifically designed for people with limited mobility
• Loud and clear voice activated speakerphone (speech at 85 dBSPL at 50CM)
• Large color touch screen with easy-to-read font
• Illuminated talking keypad with talking Caller ID
• Adjustable tone control
• Digital answering machine
• Bluetooth™ connectivity for pairing with wireless devices such as headsets and neck loops
ClarityLogic™ remote diagnostic enabled
• Compatible with existing Clarity remote switches (AS100 and PS500)
• Extra loud (100 dBA) flashing ringer
• Expandable up to four(4) handsets (XLC3.5HSB)
• Optional wireless DECT pendant available for remote operation
• One (1) year limited warranty

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